How to Make a Payment on Your Valero Credit Card

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So what’s up with the Valero credit card?

Other than the fact that it is a gas card that customers can use at any Valero location, there really isn’t much substantial information to share as far as the Valero credit card is concerned. The company is one of the larger energy companies in the United States, so cardholders have access to tons of gas stations across the country.

If you would like to apply for the card, click here.

How do I make a payment online for my Valero credit card?

  • Go to the company’s website at
  • At the top-right portion of the page there is a (tiny) button that says “Sign in” – mouse over that and click “Credit Card
  • On the page that loads, click the button that says “Sign In” under the Valero Self Serve box
  • Enter your user ID
  • Click “Remember My ID” if you’re on a private computers
  • Click the “Sign-In” button

  • Enter your password
  • Make your way to bill payment
  • Choose how much and when you want to pay toward your account balance
  • Input your banking details
  • Submit the Valero credit card payment

How do I make an online account to login to my Valero credit card?

If you have not made an online account for your Valero credit card, you can get the process rolling through the Valero credit card account creation page (and this is the guide to it in this blog). To go through these forms, you are going to need to provide various forms of personal information as well as the account number for your Valero credit card. During the account creation pages, you will also create your user ID and password, set up security options and agree to a terms and conditions document.

Are there any other Valero credit card payment options you were able to find?

Valero offers a number of other options to make a payment on your credit card other than just online. If you would like to make a payment through EFT, over the phone or through the mail, you can do just that:

Set Up EFT Payments for Valero Credit Card

To get an electronic funds transfer going with Valero, you will have to get in touch with your bank to get it all set up, but it is possible.

Mailing Address for Payments

For those of you who prefer to keep things a bit more traditional, Valero also has a couple of addresses that you can mail your payment in to if you so wish. Depending on how soon you need to make your payment. Do not try and send your bill to your nearest Valero location, send to this addresses:

For regular payments:

DSRM National Bank
Valero mail 1

For rushed payments:

DSRM National Bank
valero mail 2

More through Valero customer support page. and Valero credit card center

Pay by Phone

If you would prefer to make a payment on your Valero credit card bill by using the phone, you can do that by calling their toll-free automated system a call at (800) 333-3560.



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