How to Pay Your Shell Credit Card Bill

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What can you tell me about Shell and the credit cards that they offer?

Did you know that Shell is actually a subsidiary of another company called Royal Dutch Shell that calls Netherlands its home? I honestly had no idea that was the case, though it really does not have any bearing on whether or not I get gas from the company, how about you?

Anyway, the company offers its customers a number of credit cards that come primarily in two flavors: a standard gas card or their consumer credit cards. I will discuss the differences in payment methods below, but their online payments all use the same site, so you will have to create your account through that site, which is operated by Citigroup Inc.

How do I create an online login to manage my card?

To get your account created, first head on over to the Shell credit card payment portal. Click the green “Register Now” button near the bottom of the page, which you can see circled with purple in the image for the next question. With the registration form open, fill out all of the fields and continue going through the process until you have your account created with login credentials to use for signing in.

How do I make a payment online?

  • Head to the Shell credit card payment portal at
  • Enter your user ID and password
  • Click “Remember my ID” to keep your user ID stored on the login page
  • In the dropdown box, select “Make a Payment”
  • Click the “Sign On” button

Shell Credit Card Login and Account Creation

  • Choose how much you want to pay
  • Enter your checking account information
  • Submit your payment
  • Check that the payment options are what you want them to be and finalize your payment

How can I make a payment over the phone?

Although I have found a few websites that claim the following phone numbers will allow you to make a payment over the phone, I cannot verify that claim based on what I have personally seen on Shell’s official web pages. However, these numbers will, at a minimum, get you in touch with the customer service teams for these products:

Shell Card: (877) 278-0083

Shell MasterCards: (866) 743-5562

Shell Fleet Credit Cards: (800) 377-5150

Can I mail my payment in?

Yes, you can. Find your card type below and send your check or money order with the account number written on it to one of the following addresses:

Shell Card

Shell Credit Card Processing adress

Shell MasterCard

Bankcard Processing Center adress

Shell Fleet Cards

Shell Fleet Card Processing adress



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