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What can you tell me about America’s Servicing Company?

Although ASC is owned and operated by Wells Fargo Bank, the majority of the loans serviced by this part of the company don’t normally originate from Wells Fargo itself. Though some of these mortgages did come from Wells Fargo accounts, the majority were purchased from other financial institutions during and after the recent real estate bursts that happened around the country.

I’ve been a customer for a while, but I noticed that the website has changed. Will my old login credentials work on the new ASC website?

Yes, although the site no longer uses the FNFISMD web address, your old login user name and password will work on the new CustomerCareNet site.

I don’t have an online login for my ASC account, how can I create one?

To make your payment online, you will need to get this taken care of first. Head to the America’s Servicing Company login page, then click the “Register” link in the box that says “Are You A New User?” This link is highlighted with a purple circle and arrow in the image in the next question.

Fill out all of the fields marked with a red asterisk on the New User Registration form. Once you have entered your user name, password, SSN, email address, loan account number and chosen three security questions and answers, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen and your account will be created and ready to log in to for online mortgage payments.

How do I log in to make online payments?

  • In your browsers address bar, go to (or just click the link to open the page in a new window)
  • Enter your user name
  • Enter your password
  • Click Login
    America's Servicing Company Login and Registration
  • Go to the mortgage payment section of the site
  • Choose your payment method and input the details pertaining to your mortgage payment
  • Verify your payment details
  • Submit your mortgage payment

Are there any other payment methods that you know about?

Honestly, I wish I had more information regarding this aspect of America’s Servicing Company, but I could not find any other payment methods. That being the case, I am still fairly positive that payments can be made through the mail by sending payments to whatever address is likely shown on the monthly mortgage statements, but I have no way to personally confirm that at this time.

If you are a customer of America’s Servicing Company, 

please help others (and myself) out by posting any other known payment methods in the comments below!

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