How to Pay Your University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Bill

What can you tell me about the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center?

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is one of the largest providers of medical care in the Pittsburgh area. They offer many different services and facilities to receive treatment at and the billing for each is managed individually. However, they can all be accessed through the same website, as discussed below.

How do I make an online payment for my University of Pittsburgh Medical Center bill?

Where you are probably most comfortable making online payments by first creating a login user name and password through a registration process then submitting your payment through saved payment sources, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center online payment option is set up somewhat different. The main difference is that you will not have to set up a profile to log in to, as you will see from the bill pay directions here:

  • Go to the web page
  • Select the type of bill you are paying
  • Choose where you received your medical care from
  • If the paper bill example that appears matches the one you received in the mail, click the β€œYes, my bill matches sample above.” If there is more than one choice, select the one that looks like your bill. If your paper bill does not match, recheck your type and facility for accuracy

  • Input all of the requested information, including your payment options
  • Click the β€œSubmit” button
  • Verify your payment details to finalize the transaction

Are there any other University of Pittsburgh Medical Center payment options that you were able to find?

Mailing a Payment

As there are so many different types of bills that you can pay through this service and the fact that even a few of those bill types include different departments within the same field, your best bet for a secondary payment option regarding your University of Pittsburgh Medical Center bill is to mail in your payment with whatever bill stub you received with the invoice itself. As with other bills you may have paid through the mail, your UPMC bill will require that you make the check out to the proper billing department and that you mail the payment in before it is actually due.

Payments by Credit Card

I would also like to note that a number of the bills sent out by various departments and sections of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center will allow you to make your payment by writing your credit card information on the bill stub itself. If the department that you received card from allows this kind of payment, the boxes that you will need to fill out will be notably visible on the bill. After that, mail it as instructed by the invoice.



University of Pittsburgh Medical Center:
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Corporate Phone Number: +1 412-647-8762
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Pay By Phone: +1 412-432-5500
Pay By Phone #2: Pay By Phone #2
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Accepted Payment Types:
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