How to Pay Your NTB Credit Card Bill


What can you tell me about NTB and their store credit card?

NTB, which stands for National Tire and Battery, is a company that sells and services vehicles for, as you guessed it, tires and batteries. Originally a part of the department store Sears, they are now owned and operated by a company called the TBC Corporation. The NTB brand has over two-hundred stores across the country.

The NTB credit card works like any other store credit card in that it allows customers to make purchases in their stores. However, since it does not have a major credit card logo attached to it like Visa, MasterCard or American Express, it can only be used at TBC Corporation locations.

What do I have to do to create an online account for card management?

At the web address, there is a large, gray “REGISTER” button underneath the login boxes that will take you to the account creation section of the website.  Go through the forms to make your login credentials which you will use to make online payments with.

Note: Although this is not the website that I would prefer to share with you, the web address mentioned above will allow you to log in and make payments on your account as well. However, in the instructions for the next question, the address is different (and is the one I prefer because it has the NTB branding on it as well).

How would I go about making a payment online for my NTB credit card?

  • Go to the NTB credit card payment portal
  • Enter your user ID and password
  • Click the “Remember my ID” checkbox if you’re not on a public computer
  • In the dropdown box, select “Make a Payment
  • Click the green “Sign On” button

NTB Credit Card Login and Account Creation

  • Choose how much you want to pay toward your account balance
  • Input your checking account and ABA numbers
  • Finalize your payment

What other NTB credit card payment options do you know about?

After a (far too lengthy) phone call with their customer service line, this is what I was able to gather for you guys. They allow making payments by phone and through the mail (as well as online, but we already talked about that). Here’s how to do so:

Make a NTB Credit Card Payment by Phone

NTB Credit Card Customer Service Line: (866) 350-6853

Mail in Your NTB Credit Card Payment

So it may have been the person I was talking with, but I am not 100 percent certain this address will work because, to me, it just does not seem like a full address. However, to mail off your payment I was told to send a check or money order with my account number written on it and mail it to:

NTB Credit Card Payment mail

You know what?

I highly recommend you check your billing statement for the full address, but I’m going to leave this one here since it’s what the company itself told me.



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