How to Pay Your Bill through Wells Fargo Dealer Services

What can you tell me about Wells Fargo Dealer Services?

Wells Fargo Dealer Services is the branch of the banking institution that deals with car loans and leases. For the most part, they deal with those who actually sell cars, but there are a few services available to consumers as well, which mostly means they offer a number of ways to pay your bill.

Where can I go to make an online login for my account with Wells Fargo Dealer Services?

Go to the Wells Fargo Dealer Services account registration page to complete the forms required to create your online account with the organization.

How do I make an online payment to Wells Fargo Dealer Services?

  • Go to
  • Click the Consumers tab at the top of the page
  • Click the sign on button in the middle of the page
  • Enter your user ID and password
  • Click the sign in button

Wells Fargo Dealer Services Login

  • Go to eServices and choose make a payment
  • Enter your payment amount and date
  • Input the information for the account that you would like to make the payment from
  • Submit your payment

What other Wells Fargo Dealer Services payment options could you find?

Being that they are a bank, it makes sense that they offer a number of different ways to make payments on your account with them. If you are looking to pay your bill other than the online method described above, you can do so by referencing the information here:

Wells Fargo Dealer Services Pay by Phone

Call (800) 289-8004 to make a payment over the phone. You will be charged $6 to use the automated system and $10 if you require the assistance of a customer service representative.

Wells Fargo Dealer Services Payment Mailing Address

Prepare a check or money order made out to Wells Fargo Dealer Services with your account number written on it and mail it to this address:

Wells Fargo Dealer Services
Wells Fargo Dealer Services payment adress

Wells Fargo Dealer Services Automatic Loan Payment

You have the option to sign up for automatic loan payments through Wells Fargo Dealer Services so you don’t have to remember every month to complete the task. This can be signed up for by logging in as described in the questions above, or you can print and complete the form then mail or fax it to Wells Fargo. The mailing address and fax number follow:

Mailing Address for ALP:

Wells Fargo Dealer Services
MAC: E2717-023
ALP Department
Mailing Address for ALP

Fax Number to Send Your Application to:

ALP Department
(866) 884-9701

Pay Wells Fargo Dealer Services In Person

You can make a payment on your account at any Wells Fargo bank. To find the nearest one to you, visit the company’s bank locator.

Make a Payment Through MoneyGram

To pay your Wells Fargo Dealer Services bill through MoneyGram, you can visit any of their locations and submit  your payment along with your account number and the Receive Code 1812.

Use Western Union to Make a Payment

Like with MoneyGram, you can make your way to any Western Union location to make a payment. If you would prefer to use this method, bring the following codes with you to ensure the payment gets made properly and, please, make sure to bring your account number along as well:

City Code: CATX
State Code:  TX



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