How to Pay Your Nationstar Mortgage Bill

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What can you tell me about Nationstar Mortgage?

Although they have only been around for about two decades, Nationstar Mortgage has become a pretty massive lender for homeowners over the years. A lot of this growth came after the financial burst in 2008 when they ended up picking up a ton of new customers that they snatched up from other financial institutions who could not handle the upheaval.

What is the process to create an online account for my mortgage with Nationstar?

Make your way to the to get the process started. While this form is very similar to pretty much any registration page you will encounter in that it asks for your account number, last four of your SSN and some more personally identifying information, I would like to point out that at the top of the page, there are two checkboxes that you can click to agree to the site’s terms and conditions. One signs you up for emails while the other does not. I guess the big point here is just to not gloss over the options.

How would I go about making an online payment with Nationstar Mortgage?

Nationstar Mortgage My Account Online Access Login

  • Go to Western Union Web Payment
  • Enter all of the information requested by the site
  • Submit and verify your payment details

What Nationstar Mortgage payment options do you know about?

After looking through their site a while, I have collected what could possibly be the most ways to make a payment I have ever seen a company provide, including MoneyGram, Western Union, Auto-Pay, pay by phone and mailing in payments. Check it out:

Nationstar Mortgage Phone Payments

Have your account number ready (as well as the last four of your SSN) and give the Western Union Pay by Phone number a call at (888) 480-2432.


Paying Nationstar by phone through Western Union can incur a fee of up to $14.

Same-Day Phone Payments Through MoneyGram

To ensure that your payment gets processed right away, you should call the MoneyGram ExpressPayment phone number a call at (800) 926-9400 to find the nearest agent. Nationstar’s receive code for the payment is 1678, and you can only use cash.

In-Person Through Western Union QuickCollect

You can find the nearest Western Union QuickCollect location to you by calling (800) 325-6000. The information you’ll need for this payment type is as follows:

Pay to: Nationstar Mortgage
State: TX

Nationstar Mortgage Payment Mailing Address

Prepare a check or money order to Nationstar Mortgage with your loan number written on it and mail it to the following address:

Nationstar Mortgage
Nationstar Mortgage mail payment adress

Nationstar Mortgage Auto Pay

You can also set up direct payments from your checking account to be taken out automatically at the interval of your choice.



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