Information About Accessing the Home Depot Associates Website

What can you tell me about the Associates website available to Home Depot employees?

Similar to other major retail chains around the United States like Walmart and Kohl’s, The Home Depot offers a central website that the company’s employees can go to look up various pieces of information regarding their scheduling, pay and more.  However, the website itself is not very intuitive, which is why I have decided to put some research into the topic and let you guys know how to log in to the site and offer up a list of what appears to be the most important information accessible on the website as far as your employment at the company is concerned.

How can I log in to view information regarding my employment at Home Depot?

Though, as I mentioned before, the website is not quite as intuitive as it could be, finding the information you want and logging in to the site is actually pretty easy once you get used to the layout. So, to pull up whatever details you are looking for, follow this short guide:

  • Go to the MyTHDHR website (Stands for My The Home Depot Human Resources, just so you know)
  • Place your mouse over the top-right tab that says “Associates” (it’s printed in orange)
  • Click the section of the site that you wish to view
  • If you are taken to another topics page, click the specific topic you’re looking for
  • When prompted, enter your store number, user ID and password
  • Click “Sign In
  • Once signed in, you will be able to view the information you were looking for

What types of information can I find on the Home Depot associates website?

As far as these kinds of websites go (as in those that are made specifically for a company’s employees), Home Depot’s is absolutely packed full of useful information that pertains to you and your work. The major categories offered by the site include Your Schedule, Benefits, Pay, Life Events, Employee Self Service, Diversity & Inclusion, KnowledgeDepot (a database for research), CareerDepot (Information on how to best progress within the company) and myOrangeLadder (personal employment tracking).

Some of these categories, like Pay, Benefits and Life Events, break up into even more topics that offer up a large collection of very important details. Other categories like myOrangeLadder and Diversity & Inclusion bring up different sites or documents for you to look through. In all honesty, this is without a doubt the most robust and useful employee website I have ever come across (though I will admit I have yet to literally see them all) and highly recommend that any Home Depot employee use this site not only as a tool to gather information about a coming workweek or paycheck, but as a way to progress a career.



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