How to Access Your Kohl’s Associate Services Account

What can you tell me about the Kohl’s associate services website?

Although Kohl’s offers access to the company’s employee (associate) website that is supposed to allow easier tracking and retrievable of paystubs and the like, there are a number of Kohl’s employees who have some serious issues with using the site properly, much less even finding the website in the first place. Due to all of these reported problems and the fact that these issues have to do with people’s paychecks and finances, I figured I would do what I can to help shed a little bit of light on the subject.

Once you have access to the site and have the features of it working properly for you, it can be an effective and time-saving way to get to some very important information that can affect many different aspects of your life from doing your annual taxes to attempting to rent or buy a new home. Anyway, without further ado, let’s look at what you need to do to get through to the Kohl’s associate services website.

How can I find and Log in to my Kohl’s associate account site?

Alright, so I would like to address one of the biggest issues I’ve seen mentioned around various forums and websites: The URL (web address) that many people have been given from their employers and coworkers of is wrong. Going to that URL will leave you with a message that it is an invalid URL and you certainly won’t be accessing any kind of financial information from the page. Instead, follow these directions:

  • Head to the homepage for Kohl’s
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a link in the second “SHOP KOHL’S” column (which I believe is a terrible typo in and of itself) and click the “associate services” link
  • On the Oracle web page that loads up, enter your user ID and password (more on this later)
  • Click the “Sign In” button
  • Now you’re in and can (finally) view your paystubs… maybe… more on this later, too…

Kohl’s Associate Services login guide (snap)

Where can I get my user ID and password?

This is actually the easy step, albeit a little involved. To get your user ID for the Kohl’s associate website, you’re just going to have to ask your supervisor or manager for it. Your password, for your first visit, will just be the last five digits of your Social Security number.

Is there anything I should know about accessing and using the Kohl’s associate services website?

From what I could find, the most difficult aspect of the site was actually hunting it down and logging in. However, the second most frustrating thing is apparently that people can’t actually view their paystubs when clicking on them. If you find yourself in that second boat, you probably just have to update your Adobe Reader software.



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