How to Make a Payment on a Juniper Bank Credit Card

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What can you tell me about the financial organization Juniper?

Originally focused on offering its customers a more modern list of services than traditional banks provided at the time of its founding through the early 2000s, Juniper Bank found itself growing rapidly through that part of the decade. However, even with the massive growth that the company saw, the owners decided to sell Juniper Bank to the large Barclays Bank. After the sale, Barclays quickly began working on dissolving the Juniper name, and now all of the services are available through Barclays under the BarclayCard name.

So the company doesn’t even exist anymore, then?

Although much of what Juniper Bank originally set up is still applicable to managing credit cards today and there is still some inkling of that presence, Barclays has for all intents and purposes gotten rid of Juniper Bank. However, those who had credit cards through the original company can now make their payments through Barclay, as I will discuss soon.

How do I create an online account for BarclayCard then?

If you would like to create an account with BarclayCard to manage your credit card online, you will have to go to the Barclaycardus online access sign up page. Once there, fill out the forms and agree to the terms and conditions presented until your account is created and you have your login credentials (the username and password you will use to log in to the site) ready to use.

How do I make an online payment on my account?


You can still go to the web address for your payment servicing, but it will just redirect you to the site I link to in these directions:

  • Head to the BarclayCard Servicing page
  • Enter your username in the field on the right side of the screen
  • If you’d like the site to save your username for you, click the checkbox by “Remember username
  • Click the green “Log in” button

BarclayCard Login Page

  • Click the “Make a Payment” link
  • Click where it says “Add a new bank account
  • Input your bank account information as requested by the website
  • Choose your payment amount
  • Submit the payment and confirm your details were right

How can I pay my bill over the phone?

For those of you who’d like to make a payment on your account over the phone, you can do so by calling them at (866) 928-8598.

What is the mailing address to send payments to?

If you would like to mail in your credit card payment, make a check or money order out to BarclayCard with your account number written on it and mail it to:

Credit Card Payments
BarclayCard payments Adress



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