How to Pay Your Goody’s Credit Card Bill

What can you tell me about Goody’s and their store credit card?

As part of the Stage Stores brands of chain department stores, Goody’s offers a wide variety of clothing, accessories and home décor items. Their store credit card can be used to purchase merchandise from any Goody’s location, their online stores or any of the other Stage Stores line of retailers.

How do I make an Goody’s credit card payment online?

First and foremost, do you have a login for the online Goody’s credit card site ran by Comenity? If not, go through the forms at the Goody’s credit card online registration to get your login information all set up. After you have done all that, the following directions will take you through the process for submitting an online payment:

  • Go to the Goody’s Credit Card Payment portal (It’s a Comenity Bank portal actually at this address:
  • Enter your user name and password
  • To save your user name, click “Remember me
  • Click “Sign in

Goody’s Credit Card Login and payment instructions

  • Choose to make a payment
  • Enter your payment amount
  • Input your checking account details for payment
  • Submit and verify the bill pay transaction

What other Goody’s credit card payment options were you able to dig up?

Looking for a way to pay your bill that does not require creating an account, logging in or submitting your payment information over the net? You can also pay your Goody’s credit card bill over the phone, through the mail or in person, as discussed below.

Goody’s Credit Card Payments by Phone

If you would like to make a payment over the phone for your Goody’s credit card, give their customer care line a call at (866) 234-2038. Through this number you can make payments through the automated system or speak with a live customer care agent. To get in contact with the live agent, you will have to call between 8 am and 9 pm Monday through Saturday.

Goody’s Credit Card Payment Mailing Address

To mail in a payment on your Goody’s credit card bill, get a check or money order prepared and write your Goody’s credit card account number on it. Then, stuff it in to a stamped envelope and send it to this address:

Comenity Bank
PO Box 182273
Columbus, OH 43218-2273

More information at .

Pay Your Goody’s Credit Card Bill in Person

You can make a payment on your Goody’s credit card balance at any Goody’s location or any of the other stores that are under the Stage Stores operation. To find the one that is closest to wherever you might be right now, use the .



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