How to Pay Your First National Credit Card Bill

What can you tell me about the First National Credit Card?

There are two credit cards available from First National that can be covered through these instructions: The Blaze Card and the Legacy Card. These are primarily for those who have been having a rough time getting credit lately and, as such, have pretty high interest rates attached to them. Apply at your own risk.

How do I make an online payment for my First National Credit Card?

Before you can actually make your payment online, you will have to register your account and create your login credentials for the website itself. To make your profile, head on over to the First National Credit Card Register New User page and fill out the forms to completion. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to make an online payment by following these instructions:

  • Make your way over to the web address
  • Click the “Sign In” button at the bottom of the screen
  • Type in your user name and password
  • Click the “Log In” button

  • Go to the payments section
  • Choose to make an online payment
  • Choose your payment amount
  • Enter your billing information
  • Submit the transaction and finalize the payment

What other First National Credit Card payment options were you able to find?

If you’re not keen on making online payments or you just can’t use the First National Credit Card website for whatever reason, you have a couple other options available to make your payment:

First National Credit Card Payment Address

For you guys who want (or need) to make a payment through the mail on your First National Credit Card account balance, you are going to need to get your payment ready by having a cashier’s check, personal check or a money order made out to First National Credit Card and then write your account number directly on it. When you are ready to send it out, mail it to the following address:

First National Credit Card
PO Box 2496
Omaha, NE 68103-2496

More information on this First National credit card help page

When sending it like this, put it in the mail at least a few days before it is due so you are certain that it arrives in time to keep you from accruing a late fee.

First National Credit Card Pay by Phone

If you are just looking to make a quick payment and not need to really do any preparation beforehand, you can pay your First National Credit Card bill over the phone by calling the company’s customer service line, which is available by dialing (888) 883-9824. more through this

When you choose to make a payment over the phone through them, make sure that you have your account number readily available before making the call.



First National Credit Card:
Contact Details:
Corporate Phone Number: (888) 883-9824
Useful Links:
Bill Pay Online:
First National Credit Card contact us page:
Accepted Payment Types:
Card, Invoice
PO Box 2496

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