How to Reload Your Cricket Wireless Account

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What can you tell me about Cricket Wireless?

Over a pretty quick amount of time, Cricket Wireless was able become more or less the premier prepaid cell phone service in the country. That is the case so much so that the company’s name has become synonymous with prepaid coverage for many households across the United States. To put that in perspective, the company has only been around for about 15 years. And, for those of you who didn’t know, Cricket is actually a subsidiary of AT&T.

What are the benefits to setting up an account online through Cricket Wireless?

Though you can set up various payment plans through the company via different methods, if you set up an account and opt in to their Auto Pay system, you will receive a $5 credit toward your first payment. Additionally, just having one central place to view and manage your balance should make things much easier on you in the long run.

How do I create a Cricket Wireless online account?

Make your way to the Cricket Wireless Register for My Account and enter your information as requested by the site. Click the “Continue” button and go through all of the fields and agreements necessary to set up your account. After that, you will be able to log in to your account as discussed in the following question.

How do I set up Cricket Wireless automatic payments online?

  • Head over to the My Cricket Account Bill payment portal
  • Enter your Cricket Wireless associated phone number
  • Click the blue “Continue” button

My Account Cricket Login

  • Go to Auto Pay
  • Select your preferences and continue
  • Enter your credit card number
  • Submit the auto pay request

What other Cricket Wireless account recharge options were you able to find?

Cricket Wireless has a bunch of payment options available to their customers. Find the one you prefer below to complete your payment in a way other than through their Auto Pay system:

Cricket Wireless Quick Pay Online (No Login)

If you just want a no-hassle way to put funds into your Cricket Wireless account, you can do so at the Cricket Wireless Quick Pay page.

Cricket Wireless Phone App Payment

For those of you who would like to handle your phone’s fund recharging online, Cricket has made plan payments available through their smartphone apps:

Android App:

iPhone App:

Windows Phone App: Click Here


You can also set up Auto Pay through these apps as well.

Cricket Wireless Pay By Phone

Cricket Customer Support: (800) CRICKET (274-2538)

In-Person Payments at Cricket Stores

Make a Cricket Wireless payment at any of their locations. To find one near you, visit the Cricket store locator.

In-Person Payments at Authorized Locations

The company also has a number of payment centers available. To find one, go to the Payment Centers Locator.



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