How to Pay Your AT&T Universal Card

So what’s up with the Universal Card from AT&T?

Offered to their qualified customers, the AT&T Universal Card is pretty much just a credit card like most others you might have in your wallet. However, since only select customers receive invitations to apply for one of these cards, the APR is somewhat low compared to many cards available these days.

What do I need to do to make a payment online for my Universal Card from AT&T?

First, you’re going to have to set up an online profile that you can use to log in to their website. This can be done at the Citibank Register for Online Access area. Once you are finished going through the various fields requesting your information, you can make an online payment like this:

AT&T Universal Card Login Area

  • Go to bill payment
  • Select the amount you wish to pay
  • Type in your billing information
  • Submit your payment

Were you able to find any other ways that I could use to pay my AT&T Universal Card bill?

There are a few other payment methods available for Universal Card users, including phone, mail and recurring payments.

 Universal Card Payment Phone Number

If you are looking to make a payment on your AT&T Universal Card bill over the phone, this can be done by calling the credit card’s customer service line by dialing (800) 423-4343. To complete your payment using this method, you are going to have to provide your credit card number over the phone as you can’t even get access to the phone line’s services without first putting that number in. Click for more phone numbers

Pay Universal Card Bill through the Mail

For those of you who like to put pen to paper from time to time, you can make a payment on your Universal Card account through the mail by preparing a personal check, cashier’s check or money order made out to Universal Card for the amount that you wish to pay. Then, write your account number on the payment method itself and mail it off to one of the following addresses:

If your payment is being sent on time:

AT&T Universal Card
AT&T Universal Card one time payment adress

If you’re sending your payment in late:

AT&T Universal Card
AT&T Universal Card late payment adress

AT&T Universal Card Recurring Payments

Lastly, you can set up automatic payments for your AT&T Universal Card, which will mean you will not have to actively pay your bill every month by using one of the other methods discussed above. To use this method of paying your credit card bill, all you will have to do is log in to the Universal Card website and then make your way to the recurring payments page. More info on this payment method on this link




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