How to Pay Your TJ Maxx Credit Card Bill

TJX Rewards Credit Card

What kind of store is TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx stores are the kind of places that focus on medium quality clothing and fashion accessories for sale at bargain prices. That being the case, their product rotation happens fairly quick, so if you see something you like you should grab it right away.

How can I apply for a TJ Maxx store credit card?

As you should expect, one way is to visit a TJ Maxx store itself and fill out an application in the store. You can also head over to the TJX Rewards application page, which will work just like a TJ Maxx card would.

Are there any other stores I can use my TJ Maxx credit card at?

Yes, your TJ Maxx store credit card can be used at all of the stores under the TJX Companies banner. This means you can use the card at any of the following locations:

  • TJ Maxx
  • Marshalls
  • HomeGoods
  • Sierra Trading Post

Internationally, TJX Companies also owns and operates the following stores:

  • K. Maxx
  • HomeSense

Also, if you have the TJX Platinum MasterCard, you can use it anywhere a MasterCard credit card is accepted, including most online shops as well.

How can I make a payment on the TJ Maxx card online?

  • Head to the TJX Companies credit card account login page at:
  • Enter your user ID
  • Click “Remember me” to stay logged in (only do this on a private computer) and Login

TJX Rewards Card Login

  • Enter your password (if the image matches your security image chosen during registration)
  • Go to bill payment
  • Enter payment amount and date
  • Enter payment information
  • Verify your billing details and submit, then finalize, the payment

Do I need to register for online access?

Yes, you do. To create your account for online management of your TJ Maxx or TJX credit card, go to the and click the link that says “Register Here” underneath the login boxes, which you can see marked with purple highlights in the image above.

To start the registration process, you will need your TJX or TJ Maxx credit card account number and be ready to choose a user ID and password for account management.

Are there any other payment methods you know about?

You can also pay by mail or over the phone. To get the address to send a check or money order to, check your monthly bill or call the customer service number on the back of your credit card. To make an account payment over the phone, call (800) 926-6299 and follow the automated system to complete your bill pay.



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