How to Make a Payment on Your Premier Bankcard from First Premier Bank

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What’s up with the Premier Bankcard and the First Premier Bank?

The Premier Bankcard, as offered by First Premier Bank, is a credit card that has a high interest rate and often comes with a low balance. While that is obviously nowhere near optimal conditions, the Premier Bankcard is for those who might have non-optimal credit ratings. If you are just doing research on credit cards and this is your first time hearing about First Premier Bank or the Premier Bankcard, I recommend avoiding it and using the money you would have used to pay this credit balance to just pay the bills that are causing your credit to be poor in the first place.

For more information about the bank itself, check out the First Premier Bank Wikipedia page.

How do I make a login for online account management?

Though I have the account creation button circled in purple for the image in the online payment question, the way to enroll that I have discussed here is for those of you that might be on another page. Over at, there are two dropdown boxes on the left side of the screen. The second one has a header that says “Enroll for Online Access,” and if you click it and choose “Credit Card Payment,” you will be taken to the registration form that you need.

Fill out the forms as required by the site and create your login through that, or, as I mentioned earlier, use the link in the following question and click that highlighted button.

And how do I go about making a payment online?

First PREMIER Bank Premier Bankcard Log In and Registration

  • Input your password and finish logging in
  • Go to bill payment
  • Enter your payment amount
  • Enter your checking account details
  • Submit the payment

How do I pay my Premier Bankcard over the phone?

All you have to do is give First Premier Bank’s automated system a call by dialing (800) 987-5521. Making regular payments is free, but if you need the payment submitted immediately you can pay an $11 charge for rush processing.

Can I make a payment through the mail?

Prepare a check or money order made out to First Premier Bank with your account number written on it and mail it to:

First Premier Bank adress

Express payments should be mailed to:

First Premier Bank adress - Express payments

Is there a way to make a payment in person?

There is. You can submit payments at any Money Gram using receive code 6267 or at a Western Union using the code city PREMIER SD. You can find further payment locations for your Premier Bankcard at this link.



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