How to Pay Your Citicards Bill

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What can you tell me about Citicards by Citibank?

Citibank offers customers a number of cards to use for their purchases at many different stores around the country. In many cases, these even come in the form of store cards, but Citicards also provides specialized cards issued and managed by them as well.

You can check out (and apply for) all of the cards offered by Citibank at Citibank  View All Credit Cards page.

How do I create an online account through the company?

If you are already a cardholder for one of Citibanks Citicards, you can create your login credentials by going through the Citibanks Register for Online Access forms. To get your account created, you will need to have available your credit card number, your security word and the last four digits of your SSN, as well as input various forms of personal information.

How would I go about making a payment on my account online?

  • Go to the Citicards Online Bill Pay portal
  • Enter your user ID
  • Enter your password
  • In the box that says “Take me to…” selectMake a Payment
  • Click the “SIGN ON” button

Citibank Citicards Credit Card Login

  • Continue to payments
  • Type in your preferred payment date and the amount you wish to pay
  • Input your checking account information
  • Submit your payment
  • Confirm the submission

What other payment options for Citicards do you know about?

Alright, so you are not very keen on making payments online, which I can understand the apprehension since you would be inputting a ton of private and financial information of yours through the internet. That’s fine. Citibank also allows its cardholders to make payments through a couple of other more traditional methods, including through the mail and over the phone.

Citicards Phone Payment

It absolutely drives me insane that Citibank does not mark their phone numbers as phone payment lines. I have called so many of these just to verify if we could make payments through the phone on these numbers that I’ve honestly lost count of how many customer service agents I have talked to… Anyway, to make a payment over the phone, give them a call at: (800) 950-5114.

Citicard Payment Mailing Address

For those of you who would prefer to mail in your Citicard payment to Citibank, prepare a check or money order made out to Citibank and write your account number on it. Then, mail it to one of the following addresses:

Standard Mail:

Citibank / Choice
Citibank Choice payment adress

Overnight Payments:

Overnight Payments Citibank adress



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