How to Pay Your Lowe’s Credit Card

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What can you tell me about Lowe’s and the company’s credit cards?

Lowe’s is the direct competition to the more well-known home improvement retailer Home Depot. Like Home Depot, Lowe’s offers a number of credit cards to its customers, including a standard store card, business-related credit lines and a full-blown Visa card.

I would also like to note that although you can get to the login page for the Lowe’s Visa Rewards card through, your are probably better off just going through the sites that I link to below since Lowe’s offers so many different types of credit cards.

How do I make an online payment for my Lowe’s credit card?

These instructions are starting from the Lowe’s Credit Center, just so you know.

  • On the left side of the page, click the link that says “Pay Bill
  • Select your credit card from the small grid of options
  • Enter your user ID
  • Click the “Remember me” checkbox to keep your user ID stored for later visits
  • Click “Sign In

Lowe's credit card login and account create

  • Enter your password if the security image is correct
  • Mouse over the Payments tab
  • Click “Make a Payment
  • Enter your banking information and your preferred payment details
  • Submit the payment
  • Verify the details of the transaction and click “Make a Payment

User ID and password? Where do I get those?

You see the button labeled “Register and Activate” that has the purple circle around it in the image above? On the login page itself (not on my image, or else you end up sorely disappointed), click that button. Select the card that you have (in the area surrounded by purple shown in the image from the last question) and click that “Register and Activate” button.

You will then go through a series of prompts, after which you will have created your Lowe’s credit card account login to be used in making your online payments.

Are there any other payment methods you know about?

I hate when I have to admit that I can’t find specific information that would help you guys in the quest to getting your credit lines paid on time, but, alas, I have come up short in my research to finding alternate Lowe’s credit card payment options.

If any of you know of any other ways to make a payment on your account, whether it be over the phone, through the mail, in physical Lowe’s store or whatever else you might know about, feel free to let me know in the comments below so I can update this page with the pertinent information.



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