How to Pay Your Humana Bill

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What can you tell me about Humana?

With over ten-million customers receiving their medical care from Humana locations and the services it provides, the organization is one of the largest providers in the nation. They consistently receive awards for their good service across the board and will likely continue to be a popular choice for both insurance coverage and medical procedures alike.

How do I make an online login for my Humana account?

Before you can log in and manage your Humana account over the internet, you will need to create your login credentials (user name and password) and link it all to your actual account. To do so, go to the and follow the directions given there to complete the task.

How do I make an online payment for my Humana bill?

  • Go to the Humana E Billing sign in page
  • Enter your user name and password
  • If you’d like the site to save your user name, click the checkbox by “Remember my username
  • Click the “Sign in” button

Humana Online Login

  • Click the “eBilling” link
  • Select your payment amount
  • Input your payment account details
  • Submit your payment

What other Humana payment options were you able to find?

If you just are not in the mood to make your payment online through Humana, they offer two more payment methods: Over the phone or through the mail. Find instructions for those below:

Humana Phone Payments

To make a payment over the phone for your Humana bill, you can do so by calling them at (800) 223-3659. You will have to call between 8 AM to 8 PM on Monday through Thursday or between 8 AM to 7 PM on Fridays, all times being EST.

Humana Payment Mailing Address

I have looked pretty extensively and it looks like the payment mailing addresses are dependent upon wherever you might live in the country. That being the case, you will have to get the payment mailing address from your billing statement. Once you find the address for your region, make sure to note your account number on the check or money order (made out to Humana). Here is an example of Humana statement and the location of the mailing address.

Humana adress from statment

One good thing that I would like to mention is that as long as your envelope is postmarked for the day the payment was due, they will apply the payment to the account without incurring any kind of late penalty.

Recurring Humana Payments Online

After your initial one-time payment through Humana’s eBilling system online has been processed successfully, you will have the option to set up automatic payments through your account.




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