How to Apply for and Manage a Double Your Line Visa Credit Card

What can you tell me about the Double Your Line Visa Credit Card from Merrick Bank?

The Double Your Line Visa Credit Card is like most other credit cards but with one caveat: After making on-time payments on the account for seven months, your credit limit will double. This is an invitation-only credit card, but it is designed for those who have had recent credit problems.

How do I apply online for a Double Your Line Visa Credit Card?

With the application invitation letter that you received in the mail in hand, you can apply for a Double Your Line Visa Credit Card by following these directions:

  • Head to the web address per the invitation that Merrick Bank sent to you
  • Find the “Acceptance Certificate Number” on the letter and input it into the web page
  • Type in your last name the same way Merrick Bank spelled it on your application invitation
  • Click “Next >>”

Merrick Bank Credit Card Application Offer Verification Instructions

  • Use the instructions printed on the website to complete your application. Since you were invited to apply, chances are good that you will receive your credit card approval right away, but there is a small chance for delays. If so, be patient and Merrick Bank will be in contact with you

How can I set up online access for my Double Your Line Visa Credit Card and log in to make payments on it?

There are actually two steps to this question, so let’s break it down to the proper points, shall we?

Online Account Creation

Alright, so once you have applied for, been accepted by and received your Double Your Line credit card from Merrick Bank, you are going to need to make an online account to log in with so you can check your balance, make payments, etc. To create your login, head to the Merrick Bank registration page and fill out the forms, which will require that you have your account number, share the last four digits of your SSN and input various personal and account information. After all that, you can then log in using the instructions I describe next.

Logging in for Online Payments

So you’re finally ready to log in to make a payment or check your balance. First, you’re going to want to go to the Merrick Bank login page. Once there, type in the user name and password that you chose during account registration and click “Log In.” Once signed in, you can easily handle an online payment by going to payments and following the on-screen instructions.



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