How to Pay Your BarclayCard Bill

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What’s up with Barclays and the BarclayCard?

So as you may or may not know, Barclays is a banking and financial institution that hails from Britain and the service that they primarily seem to focus on is credit cards. As far as my research unveiled, Barclays original expansion into the United States was actually began with a takeover of another banking institution called Juniper, which was itself a short-lived internet-focused organization.

The BarclayCard is simply the (in no way pretentious) name that they have given their line of credit cards. They have a number of themed cards, which users can earn various rewards by using.

How do I make a payment online?

Note: The web address is no longer working and this guide has been updated to reflect that change. Anyway, the core site there,, will take you to the British site.

  • Make your way to
  • Type in your username
  • Click the checkbox by “Remember username” to have the site do so
  • Click “Log in

BarclayCard Login and Account Create

  • Click “Make a Payment
  • Click “Add a New Bank Account
  • Enter your checking account and bank routing numbers and save the account
  • Select how much you would like to pay
  • Submit your payment
  • Verify that your payment details are correct and finalize the payment

How do I create an online account if I don’t have one already?

If you have a BarclayCard but have yet to set up an online account, head to the sign up page for access. You will need your account number to complete the sign up process, as well as supply various security prompts and input your Social Security number. With your account created, you can then go through the steps detailed above to make online payments and manage your BarclayCard credit account.

Can I make payments over the phone?

Yes, you can make payments on your BarclayCard over the phone.

So… How do I make a payment by phone?

Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize that’s the information you were looking for :) Well, if you would like to use their pay-by-phone system, all you have to do is call (866) 928-8598. Use the audio prompts to guide you along and you will have your payment submitted in no time.

What is the mailing address to send payments to?

For those of you would like to mail your BarclayCard payments in, prepare a check or money order made out to BarclayCard with your account number written on it to the following address:

BarclayCard payments Adress



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